A streamlined events platform to help you hire the best candidates faster, virtually or in-person

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Integrated Video Chat

Each participant gets one virtual event link for their whole schedule
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Event Registration

Ask custom registration questions and gather candidate data
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Monitor your virtual room statuses and candidate data in real time
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Employee Feedback

Gather employee feedback on candidates from their inboxes
Flo Recruit Candidate Feedback
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Integrated Video Chat

Stop stressing over breakout rooms, admin seats, and who’s the host. Auto-generate as many virtual rooms as you need with our browser-based video chat. Participants each get a single link, and two minute warnings keep everyone moving.

Flo Recruit Candidate Feedback
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Event Registration

Ask candidates custom qualifying questions, gather diversity data, and capture resumes and transcripts. Give date and time options so candidates can self-schedule, eliminating back-and-forth “when works for you” conversations.

Flo Recruit Candidate Registration and Check In
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Get Limited Time OCI Only Access to Flo Recruit

Live interview dashboard, synced schedules, bulk transcripts and more! Now employers attending OCI can purchase short term account access for recruiters.

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Dashboards for Live Insight

Monitor who’s in what virtual room, automate event communication, and see all of your candidate data at a touch of a button. Export data to a .CSV file for system transfer or a PDF for hiring meetings.

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Employee Feedback on Candidates

Enable employees to weigh in on their experience with candidates through user-friendly, digital evaluations. Give them easy access to review candidates from their inboxes, so you can start identifying high potential candidates earlier in the process.

Flo Recruit Candidate Feedback
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You're in Good Company

We’ve partnered with employers across the nation to coordinate recruiting events and interviews. We’re rewriting how to hire the best candidates virtually, together.

and 55+ more employers

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Invite Only Events

Manage your guest list with Invite Only events. Gather interest from potential attendees, approve and deny candidates with automated, personalized emails, and then seamlessly manage the list at the door with Check-In.

Automate Emails to Candidates

Automate a variety of process related email communications to candidates so that you can get back to authentically engaging candidates. Create automated confirmation emails, follow up emails, and more.
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Batch Export Candidate Information

Bulk select candidates and then export PDFs of their resumes and transcripts. All data in Flo can also be exported into an excel spreadsheet.
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Customized Registration Questions

Customize what questions you are asking candidates at events. Take control of the data you collect from candidates, and customize your data collection event by event.
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Quick Review

Use Quick Review to quickly review candidate registrations and send their event status updates. Easily screen candidates faster with Quick Review.
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Candidate Event History

See all events a candidate has attended over time. Understand attendance records and their interest in your company by the number of events they attended. Never forget a candidate you've met before again.

Use Cases

Event Page Screenshot Career Fair

Used For

Career Fairs
Meet the Firms Night
Employer "Speed Dating"
Booth Presentations

and more...

Networking Event Page Screenshot

Used For

Happy Hours
Tech Talks
Coffee Chats

and more...

Workshop Event Screenshot

Used For

Resume Reviews
Case Study Prep
Interview Prep
Sales Seminars
Case Competitions
Tutorial Courses

and more...

Info Session Screenshot

Used For

Roundtable Discussions
Office Tours
Film Screenings
Tech Talks
Dinner Talks

and more...


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LinkedIn Integration

Candidates can sign in with LinkedIn to fast track their registrations for events, giving you a digital copy of their work history.

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Greenhouse Integration

Greenhouse integration with Flo Recruit enables you to transfer candidates’ data instantly from Flo Recruit into Greenhouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you integrate with my ATS?


We currently integrate with Greenhouse. If your ATS has an API, we can most likely integrate with it. Additionally, everything in Flo Recruit can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet which you can upload into your ATS.

How fast does your database update? How long after a candidate registers with us will information become available?


Everything in Flo Recruit is real time, which means as soon as a candidate registers, you'll have access to their information. Additionally, reporting is all done in real time.

What happens to the day of registration link if I have 2+ events on the same day?


If there is more than 1 event that day, the day of link (florecruit.com/companyname) will route candidates to a page that contains a list of the events that are taking place that day. The candidate will then select which event they are attending and be routed to the correct registration page.

Are you GDPR and CCPA compliant?


Yes, we are GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Will my employees use this?


Yes, we've tripled the amount of feedback our customers have received on candidates at events. We make it extremely easy for them to gain access and use the system.

Can students upload their resumes or transcripts at a career fair or event check-in on their phones?


Yes, students can upload their resumes and transcripts at a career fair or at an event check-in on their phones. They can either take pictures of the documents or they can upload it from their phone if they have the file on their phone or on some other file storage application, like Dropbox or Google Drive.

Can I customize the feedback scales by which my employees give feedback on candidates?


The feedback scales on Flo Recruit were derived from research and are the most predictive of success at a company, so we advise to use those if you can. We want to make sure we are collecting clean data that can be compared across different companies. However, we would be more than happy to customize those scales for you.

Do I have to download or buy anything to use Flo Recruit?


As long as you have an internet connection (Wi-Fi or cell service), you can use Flo Recruit on any internet browser on any device. Some of our clients like to use tablets at recruiting events to enable students to register.

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