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Intern Spotlight

Anuj Jajoo, Pathway Vet Alliance: Spotlight Summer Intern

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Meet Anuj Jajoo, this week’s Flo Recruit Spotlight Summer Intern. Anuj is a Finance Major in the Business Honors Program in the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. Anuj spent his summer in Austin as a Mergers and Acquisitions Intern at Pathway Vet Alliance, a veterinary consolidator backed by Morgan Stanley Global Private Equity.

What made you want to join the company you interned at?

Traditionally, the business consulting or niche private equity space seems pretty impregnable from the outside-in, but Pathway is a place that incorporated the analytical and technical aspects of those industries with a core mission, to be “change agents for good.” When interviewing, I could immediately tell that the roots of the company were in the industry. The founder and many members of the leadership team are doctors that started as practicing veterinarians which aligned directly with our mission to help our customers who were veterinarians and pet owners. Additionally, the members of the M&A team that interviewed and interacted with me were entrepreneurial and focused, but also friendly. After discussing with a mentor who had interned there before and talking candidly with my manager, I knew I wanted to be a part of this team and space, and I chose to pursue this opportunity.

What do you enjoy most about the city you work in?

Austin, Texas is a city that consistently surpasses its own stellar reputation and spending a summer there away from the campus ecosystem was eye-opening. Despite being the smallest city out of the big three of Texas population wise, it’s definitely the most energizing, with a constant stream of people and activities everywhere. This youthful vibrancy, combined with an unrivaled set of outdoors activities like paddle boarding, hiking, boating, and biking made the city enjoyable during the day. Feeling like a college student and enjoying the famous food and nightlife scene while still learning in a world-class environment made my summer exciting and rejuvenating.

What was your most important takeaway or lesson from your internship?

While my role on paper was an M&A analyst intern, the work and learning I was exposed to went far beyond the bullet points of a job description. My takeaway from that environment of constant activity and diverse opportunities was to always say yes to a new task or someone that needed help and then consistently deliver before deadlines. After a while of doing this double dip within corporate development and special projects, I realized I really enjoyed this variety beyond by basic tasks of financial models or data refining. Everyday projects were made even more constructive by personal challenges I made for myself like using different data software or learning new formulas on Excel. Saying yes to new and uncertain projects helped me gain exposure to so many different aspects of the business and develop relationships with Pathway leaders.

What extracurricular activities do you participate in at your university?

At The University of Texas at Austin, I am involved in Genesis, a student and alumni led venture capital fund that invests in student-founded startups from across campus, in the portfolio management sub team. I am also a member of TUIT, an undergraduate finance investment team that cultivates finance education through mentorship, professional development, and a unique small-team learning environment. Additionally, I volunteer with Capital Community, which educates Austin high schoolers about personal financial literacy and college readiness. Outside of these organizations, I enjoy playing intramural soccer, basketball, and volleyball and attending various speaker and panel discussion events across campus.

Describe your dream job and how your internship helped you get one step closer to it.

While I haven’t pinned down my dream career yet, my dream goal is to be an entrepreneur running my own company or leading a fund that invests in and scales companies solving pressing problems around the world. Over the course of my internship, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from our team’s leaders and the company’s executives who’ve had career experience in a similar field to this goal, including activist investing, consulting, and different areas of private equity. I’ve been able to seek mentorship through conversations with these leaders and by constantly having my work reviewed and constructively criticized. Additionally, having this kind of insight to an industry I was truly unfamiliar with has helped establish a unique learning mentality and discipline for future internships, classes, competitions, and even ideas I may want to explore in the future. This fall, I’ll be continuing working at Pathway part-time as I explore more on campus because of the value I’ve found in learning and personal development there!

Do you have any words of advice for the next intern in this role?

Interning at Pathway, like most other things, is 80% what you make of it. Because of the M&A role’s nature, you’ll have enough opportunities and exposure to pursue different projects and truly learn about different ways of solving business problems. In order to take the most advantage of this and leave the company with the satisfaction of having made an impact, always be open to feedback, eager to try new things, and think out of the box to improve processes for the same tasks.

Lucious McDaniel IV

Lucious McDaniel IV is a student at the University of Texas at Austin. He interned for Flo Recruit during the summer of 2019 when the team went through the Y Combinator accelerator program. Lucious now is a leader in the startup community at UT Austin.

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