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Recruiting Wisdom

Legal Industry: Calculate Your Savings for Switching to Virtual Events

min read

The shift to virtual may seem daunting, but it's more important than ever for firms to have a virtual strategy in place. The recruiting team bears the responsibility of ensuring the firm does not fall behind their competition in the shift to virtual. Without a plan in place, innovative competition will quickly outpace those who do not become fluent in both the in-person and virtual worlds. Fortunately, going virtual not only ensures the safety of your stakeholders, but also provides budget help. Using Flo Recruit's proprietary recruiting event data, law firms can cut down by 60% of their travel costs and attorney time by going virtual. Use the calculator below to estimate your firm's savings, or download the Excel spreadsheet version here.

Hannah Kelly

Hannah is a Growth Manager at Flo Recruit, specializing in growing our community of law firm clients.

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