Streamline your networking events & interviews, and set up unlimited simultaneous video chats

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Browser Video Chat

No need to download an app or plug-in. Flo Recruit is based 100% in your web browser. 
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Generate thousands of video chat links

You can host hundreds of simultaneous meetings. Each link is specific to an individual,  avoiding waiting room chaos. 
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Real Time Dashboard

Easily monitor your video chats in real-time, ensuring employers and students are in their virtual rooms. 
Flo Recruit Candidate Feedback
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Browser-based video interviews made simple and efficient

No download is required to use Flo Recruit. Event participants receive a single link for the event and guided through sessions via notifications. 

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Google Chrome is our recommended browser
Automated Emails and Exports
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Track all your interviews with our real time monitoring dashboard

See all video chat sessions in one spot with our live monitoring dashboard.

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You're in Good Company

We’ve partnered with universities to coordinate recruiting events and virtual on campus interviews. Now, together we’re re-writing how to hire the best students with these innovative universities and many more.

and 60+ more universities

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Flexibility with video conferencing platforms 

Flo gives you the ability to auto-generate Flo conferencing links or input other conferencing links (Zoom, Webex, Teams, etc).
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Brand emails and virtual rooms to your law school

You can include your law school logo and colors in order to brand emails and virtual rooms! 

Work along with your current CSM Platform

Export schedules from Symplicity/12Twenty and import them into Flo Recruit
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Host virtual networking events

Students can sign up to speak with different attorneys across different employers or practice areas. You can control event settings like the maximum number of students per timeslot to make sure that these events are personal and high quality! 
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Single link generated for all interviews/meetings

No need for students and employers to keep track of multiple links! We generate a unique link for their entire schedule and then propagate students and employers from room to room via notifications. 
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Automatic email notifications for changes to schedule

We automatically update students and employers via email when a change has been made to their schedule 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work alongside my Career Services Management platform for virtual interviews? 


You will schedule your interviews using your Career Services Management Platform (e.g. Symplicity, 12Twenty, etc.) Once schedules are finalized, run a report on your OCI schedules and export those schedules into a .csv format. Then, upload these schedules into Flo Recruit and generate links.

How do I monitor virtual interviews and meetings? 


We have a real-time monitoring dashboard that allows you to see if your students and employers are in their virtual rooms. 

Do you limit the number of school administrators on an account? 


No, we do not limit the number of admins you can have on your account. 

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