Virtual Summer Planning: Vendor Presentations
3/17/21 @ 1:00pm CST
Flo Recruit Webinar
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Virtual Summer Planning: Vendor Presentations

Who doesn't love thinking about summer? Well, maybe you, because it's going to be busy. Flo Recruit wants to help you plan your summer associate and intern programs, so you can focus on the fun. 

We've gathered 10+ fantastic vendors to present summer programming options back to back in one webinar. Each will give a mini presentation of their platform, program, or product and how it could fit into your program – and some will sneak in a special promo. Sit back, relax, and get your summer gears turning!


Daniel Greenspan, Strategic Partnerships

SnackMagic is the only 100% customizable build-your-own snack and swag box service. We offer two snacking options, the curated box which starts at $35 and the "pick their own snacks" box where gift recipients choose from over 1,000 snacks and beverages which starts at $45.  


Kevin Ruane, Founder

Partner with to book at home coffee tastings, trivia, and other events! Evee works with a curated selection of event providers so you don’t have to do any vetting.

Ready to File Writing

Ed Lintz, Legal Writing Trainer and Coach

“The Art of Effective Legal Writing for Summer Associates”

This interactive workshop uses team challenges to explore the relationship between transactional drafting and litigation, professional email etiquette, and how to prioritize your key conclusions in a research memo.


Angie Reed, Sugarwish Sales

Sugarwish is a delightful Candy, decadent Cookie, and gourmet Popcorn gift that delivers treats of THEIR choice via a delightful trip to Sugarwish's adorable (online) sweet shop. The lucky recipient selects from hundreds of delicious options, then Sugarwish delivers their top picks in a gorgeous gift box, directly to their door (or desk!). 

Fringe Professional Development

Katie Aldrich, Director of Coaching & Program Strategy

Help your summer associates communicate better! Give them the interpersonal skills to succeed with engaging and actionable training programs from Fringe PD, either live or on-demand

Jeremy Parker, Co-Founder and CEO is the best place for law firms to buy and distribute swag to their summer interns and associates. They work with 5,000+ companies and law firms including Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, Spotify and Tik Tok.  

Wisnik Career Enterprises, Inc.

Eva Wisnik, President & Founder

WCE offers training programs for summer associates in Well-Being, Time Management, and Myers-Briggs. Eva has presented more than 700 programs at more than 100 firms.

The Still Center LLC

Denise Robinson, JD, Founding Principal 

“Developing Cultural Competence Like Your Career Depends on It...because It Does!”

In this program, summer associates, interns, and clerks will be exposed to the research and realities that make cultural competence an essential skill for successfully navigating the legal profession of today and tomorrow.


Michelle Carra, Sales Team Lead

At Teambuilding, we craft entertaining, unique experiences for remote teams with the goal of maximizing employee happiness, engagement and retention. 


Roger Collins, Account Executive

Surprise and delight virtual attendees in 2021! Hoppier smart virtual cards offer the largest selection of meals, drinks, and gifts across 120+ countries for engaging virtual experiences. Enjoy full control over your budget and spending. 

The Paint Bar

Jill Kerner Schon, Co-Founder/Business Development Director

Join us for a fun virtual painting experience with live instruction via Zoom. Breakout rooms are available. Summer associates / interns can get acquainted while painting.  

Flo Recruit

Hannah Kelly, Growth Manager

Bring meaningful networking back to summer programs in the virtual world, without the admin work. Flo Recruit’s Virtual Chats make office hours, coffee chats, and lunches simple and effective through self-scheduling.

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Virtual Summer Planning: Vendor Presentations
3/17/21 @ 1:00pm CST
Flo Recruit Webinar
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