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Product Announcements

An Up-Close Look at New Webinars and Virtual Chats

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Yesterday Flo Recruit proudly pushed our Virtual Events update to the web and showed the new features to over 50 of our clients via Webinar (yes, beautifully meta). Several clients started building their own Virtual Events within the hour!

Here’s an up-close look at what the Flo Recruit family saw yesterday, and what we’ll walk you through during our open-invite demonstration on Friday, April 17.  

Did we mention that Virtual Events are free through May 30th?

Create Event - Virtual Chats

Virtual chats event selection

Want to connect with candidates or new hires for a personal conversation? Or set up a series of small-group chats? Select Virtual Chats, and you’re taken to a schedule builder that will keep you from spending hours playing calendar tetris.

Creating timeslots in Flo Recruit

Create timeslots based on the availability of your team, and build the full Virtual Chats schedule. Here, you can customize how many timeslots each candidate can sign up to attend, as well as the max capacity of candidates for each slot.

When you invite candidates to the completed event, they choose among these timeslots to self-schedule on a screen that looks like this:

Select a time

Once candidates (or whoever your invitees are!) select their desired slots and submit, they receive the automated email with all the info they need: who they’re meeting with, when, and the Conferencing Link for each timeslot. If necessary, they can also choose to modify the reservation.

Schedules auto-update live, so candidates will never register for a full chat!

Candidate confirmation email

Your team members participating in Virtual Chats receive helpful emails along the way, as well. Once candidates fill up the schedule, each team member will receive: who they’ll meet with, when, Conferencing Links that take them directly to each session, and an opportunity to review the candidates.

Interviewer upcoming schedule

Does your team already know which candidates you want to meet with and when? You can Add Candidate to any timeslot of your Virtual Chats schedule as you build it. Once you submit the final schedule, the candidate will receive this email, rather than the self-scheduling calendar:

Manual Event add

On the day of the event, everyone has all the information they need, complete with links that take them straight to each Virtual Chat.


Create Event - Webinar

Webinar event type select

Want to host an info panel for a large group of law students? Or train a whole class of new hires at once? Select Webinar, and you’re taken to a Virtual Event creation page with a spot for your Conferencing Link. 

Virttual events dropdown
Conference link

Creating the event with a Conferencing Link means you can stop worrying about sending the wrong link to the wrong people, forgetting to send the link at all, or making a link typo in your dozens of emails.

Confirmation email

The Conferencing Link will automatically be included in all scheduled emails to this event’s hosts and attendees -- whether it’s Zoom, Webex, Skype, etc. Customize your email text to your heart’s desire.

Qualifying questions

Collect all the information you’d like about your registrants through custom Qualifying Questions. These questions become part of the event registration form, so you know your exact audience before the Webinar begins. Candidates enjoy a custom, branded registration experience that’s entirely mobile friendly.

Flo Recruit virtual event registration screen

Our system takes something big and messy and makes it efficient and beautiful! We want you to feel empowered to connect with as many interns, summers, new hires, and candidates as you would in-person. Maybe even more -- because this way, you don’t have to buy flights!

Try Virtual Events for FREE through May 30th. We’ll get you set up and moving right away. Just reach out to get started or ask questions: hannah@florecruit.com. 

Hannah Kelly

Hannah developed her events expertise managing music festivals in Austin, Texas, and today she puts it to work in the legal recruiting world as Flo Recruit's Growth Manager.

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