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A Letter to Our Clients - Flo Recruit Raises $4.2 Million

Dear Clients and Friends, Today Flo Recruit announces an additional $4.2 million in funding led by LiveOak Venture Partners and Moneta Ventures with participation from Tau Ventures, Alumni Ventures and other angel investors!

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Recruiting Coordinator

Eliminate manual tasks and ensure every event runs seamlessly from planning to follow up. Automate manual tasks to take you out of spreadsheets and into candidate engagement.
“Flo Recruit is exactly what has been missing in the recruiting world.”

Jennifer Lindsley | Recruiting Coordinator

Senior Recruiting Manager

Know how your events are performing and who you're attracting without hundreds of spreadsheets. Review data in real time, so you know exactly how your team is tracking to fill your hiring pipeline. Reveal top talent quickly so you can develop relationships with them before the competition.
“Flo Recruit has saved not only our recruiting staff time, but also our employees time in being able to quickly and very easily give us real-time feedback.”

Catherine Plumlee | Senior Talent Coordinator

Chief Talent Officer

Understand how your event strategy is attracting the talent you need to grow the business, and hit your strategic goals. Pull all reports in real time at the touch of a button. Drill down the database to glean the exact insights you need to make decisions.
“Your product pays for itself.”

Jaimee Slovak | Director of Recruiting

Hiring managers love it too

The best companies know that recruiting a successful team is not only the responsibility of the recruiting team, but also a responsibility of the employees at large. We designed our software to engage all employees simply. They can access our platform at the ease of one click through a system they already know: their email inboxes.

"I love that I don’t need to scramble to prepare before walking into a room and meeting a candidate. I can leave feedback on candidates from my phone, on the go, or at my desk, and I know that it will be sent to the recruiting team instantly."

Hiring Manager


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