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Recruiting Wisdom

5 Reasons Why Applicant Tracking Systems are a Gamechanger in Recruiting

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An Applicant Tracking System is a software application that helps recruiters and hiring managers organize resumes, candidate interviews, and job opening statuses. With 75% of recruiters and hiring managers using Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), it is becoming increasingly important for companies to adopt these systems if they want to stay competitive in the recruiting process. In fact, 94% of recruiters who use an ATS reported that it has improved their process. Here are five reasons why it is imperative for companies to center their recruiting programs around an ATS:

Saves Money

Since most recruiting teams report to a C-level finance function, let’s start with the most compelling reason C-level executives and finance leaders approve software purchases, and that is cost savings. Automating tedious and manual processes can save recruiters hours of time, potentially reducing the need for additional recruiters and reducing G&A headcount costs. The extra time can be used for more strategic initiatives like sourcing and networking.

Tracking Candidates

An ATS tracks where candidates are coming from, allowing companies to focus on job boards and ads that yield the most qualified candidates. This will save wasted budget from blindly posting jobs on sites that may not yield a qualified candidate pool.

Building and Nurturing the Candidate Pool

An ATS organizes candidate information in one place, making it easier to build a pool of potential candidates even if they don't fit an immediate opening. This will help streamline the end-to-end recruiting process and save time in the long run. Flo Recruit has an outreach events product that enables law firms to build a candidate pipeline by tracking virtual and in-person events even before a job seeker applies. 73% of job seekers are passively looking. Utilizing an ATS is key to building the company’s future talent pool. 

Collecting Data

The more an ATS is used for logging and recording recruiting activities, the stronger the reporting insights will be. Recruiters can then turn these insights into valuable narratives that inform future recruiting strategies and make data-driven decisions. Any finance leader would find this very appealing because the recruiting team can intelligently tell the story of why they need the budget and resources to meet the company’s hiring goals.

Candidate Experience Matters

54% of Gen Z will not apply for a job if they believe the company's recruiting process is outdated. An ATS connected to a company’s job board makes it easy for candidates to apply. Automated follow-up features improve the candidate experience throughout the interview process. Investing in an ATS will help companies keep up with the modern age of recruiting and attract the future workforce of Gen Z. With Gen Z being exposed to more job options, moving job seekers through the process quickly with a white glove feel is becoming a recruiting standard. 

In conclusion, Applicant Tracking Systems have been a game changer in the lives of recruiters, HR professionals, hiring managers, and business executives, particularly in mid-size and large companies for years. They help keep recruiting teams organized from outreach to offer acceptance, eliminate noise, and focus on making high-quality hires.

Want to learn more about how Flo Recruit ATS helps legal teams with their recruiting efforts? Click here to Request a Demo.

Christina Wells

Christina Wells is the SVP, Operations and People at Flo Recruit. With her 15+ years of experience in the recruiting and HR industry, she can speak to the day-to-day challenges recruiting leaders face today.

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