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Product Announcements

Announcing Outlook, Google, and iCal Calendar Integrations

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You asked, we delivered. Flo Recruit is proud to announce our calendar integration for Virtual Chats! The integration means you can automate Outlook, iCal, and Google calendar invitations to Members of your company participating in Virtual Chat events and give Candidates the option to “Save Sessions to your calendar” when they sign up for timeslots.

Within Flo Recruit’s Create Event and Edit Event pages, you have full control over whether or not you’d like to send calendar invitations.

Flo Recruit calendar invite to members

For Employees of Your Firm

Automatically Sending Calendar Invites

When you book members for timeslots, calendar invitations will automatically send to the relevant Members. These calendar invitations will land in their inboxes immediately, so the time is reserved on their schedules while Candidates sign up for timeslots. Calendar invites include everything Members need to know to be prepared for the Virtual Chat: time, date, virtual conferencing link -- and once they’ve been booked, the list of Candidates! Additionally, admins can customize the calendar invitation to include any text or instruction they want to add. 

Flo Recruit email transfer gif

Updating Calendar Invites

We know that event details can change. When you update a timeslot with new times, new dates, or a new virtual conferencing link, we automatically handle the updates to the calendar invitations for you. We’ll send the affected Members an update email and automatically update the calendar invitations or send new ones where necessary. Flo Recruit is the central control for your event, so all of your communications remain organized and up-to-date for all parties.

Deleting Calendar Invites

If you need to delete a timeslot from Flo Recruit because a Member’s schedule changes, you have full control to do so. When you delete a timeslot, the Member will be notified by email and the calendar invite will be deleted. If any Candidates were booked for the now-deleted timeslot, they will receive an email with a link to revisit the schedule and sign up for a different timeslot.

Custom Event Organizers

Retain full control over the event organizer setting -- set the organizer as yourself or another admin. When a Member accepts or declines a calendar invitation, the organizer will receive email notifications. Because you have full control over setting the organizer, these replies will never end up in an inaccessible email inbox.

For Candidates & Summer Associates or Interns

Add to Calendar

When Candidates book one or multiple timeslots, they will receive a confirmation email with all of the details for the Virtual Chats: dates, times, time zones, meeting participants, and virtual conferencing information. In the confirmation email, Candidates have the ability to “Save Sessions to your calendar” with one click to their Google, iCal, or Outlook calendars. 

Flo Recruit save sessions feature

Integrating with Outlook and offering Add to Calendar options have been our most requested features since we launched Virtual Chats just last month. Our team expedited this update in response, and we can’t wait to see you using it! 

Thank you to all for your questions, suggestions and feedback. Keep them coming!

Katherine Allen

Katherine is the CEO and Co-Founder of Flo Recruit. She's passionate about giving attorneys the tools they need to succeed with virtual recruiting.

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