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Recruiting Wisdom

Best Swag Ideas for Humanizing Recruitment

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In the era of the virtual recruiting fair, the virtual interview and the virtual hiring process, expert recruiters are digging for creative ways to build real connections between companies and candidates. Meaningful swag is one way that recruiters can bridge the gap between people, and provide a physical connection that might make all the difference when it comes to a candidate’s decision.

Swag.com enables recruiters to send thoughtful tokens of appreciation that humanize the virtual recruiting process and deliver impact. They are a one-stop-shop to customize, store and ship high-quality swag around the world. 

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite swag ideas that you can use to enhance your virtual recruiting process:

Classic swag and affordable swag

These are the don’t-fix-it-if-it-ain’t-broke items that haven’t proven their worth over the years. The trick to making these items into great swag is to use high-quality versions that people will actually use. 

Custom Cable Organizer

custom cable organizer

This item makes a great promotional product because it provides a value that people don’t often think they need— that is until they try it. Send a message that you get how stressful the WFH life can be, and offer a gift to solve a small problem. 

Custom Phone Wallet

custom phone wallet

Just because all of our shopping is online doesn’t mean we don’t need a place for our credit cards! This clever wallet easily attaches to the back of most mobile devices, and blocks interferences that might jeopardize your card security. 

Custom Ceramic Mug

custom ceramic mug

A cut above the rest. Gorgeous ceramic is finished with a sleek matte glaze. A range of colors lets you find the best option to make your branding pop. 

Unique swag to stand out

Sometimes you need to go above and beyond to stand out. Here are our picks for some of the more unique swag items you can use in the recruiting process. 

Kanata Custom Blanket

kantana custom blanket

Blankets are consistently ranked on people’s top swag gifts they’ve ever received. Gift a high-quality throw that allows for a gorgeous embroidered logo to really make your branding stand out. 

Custom Apron 

custom apron

Aprons make great swag because they’re useful, they’re long lasting, and if done right they can even be fun! This version comes in tons of colors and allows you to screen print artwork across the front of it. 

Custom Multi Tool

custom multi tool

It might seem strange at first, but a multi-tool makes an awesome piece of swag because it’s incredibly useful! Use this gear to open, screw, wrench and more. Made from high-grade materials. 

High-end swag for executive recruiting

When trying to sway the most experienced candidates to fill senior-level positions, high-end swag is another powerful tool in the recruiting process. Branded luxury items send a message that your company will make sure its employees are always taken care of. 

Custom Ridge Wallet

custom Ridge wallet

The Ridge wallet is an industry leader for minimal design and long-lasting functionality. We offer multiple colorways and materials, and allow you to print your artwork directly on the front. 

Custom Apple Airpods

custom Apple Airpods

Customize the color of your Apple Airpods down to the individual earbuds. To really make your mark, add a logo to the front of the wireless charging case. 

Custom Ember Mug

custom Ember mug

What if your coffee mug knew what temperature you like your coffee? Enter the Ember smart mug— the most high-tech beverage containment device on the market, and a perfect gift for your next high-profile candidate. 

Eco-friendly swag to green the planet

Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly products you can use to win hearts and minds. Swag for recruiting is even more powerful when it helps heal the earth. 

Custom Reusable Straw Set

custom reusable straw set

Plastic straws are out— tasteful, useful, eco-friendly swag is in. This set is portable and easy to wash, giving no excuse to be caught needing a piece of plastic. 

Custom Bamboo Lunchbox

custom bamboo lunchbox

A unique item that is as delightful as it is helpful. This lunch box is made from 50% recycled bamboo and is sturdy enough to carry lunches for years.

Custom Tote Bag

custom tote bag

A sturdy tote bag is one of the best advertisers you can use. The Daily Grind tote is a green way to help your candidates start to appreciate what your company can do for them!

Reach your virtual recruits wherever they are

Creating great swag is only helpful if you have a way to deliver it to your virtual audience. Swag.com can help!

Our distribution platform allows you to easily create swag in bulk, and store them in our warehouse until you’re ready to send it. When you are, you can upload hundreds of addresses at once, and we’ll handle the shipping. Our giveaways feature also lets you create custom landing pages to collect addresses, product preferences and more so you can easily reach the people you don’t know much about.

Andrew McMaster

Andrew is a content marketing specialist for Swag.com. He's a writer and creative storyteller with a passion for public policy, culture, and architecture.

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