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Product Announcements

Custom Candidate Evaluations are Now at Your Fingertips

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The ability to customize your candidate evaluation questions has arrived! We at Flo Recruit understand how important it is to collect valuable feedback from your attorneys after interviews and events, and that evaluation forms can differ significantly from one firm to the next. With this new update, employers have the power to:


How it Works - Building Questions in an Event

1. Edit feedback options

2. Add feedback option

Add feedback option

3. Create custom evaluation questions

Create custom evaluation questions

4. Choose evaluation questions, rearrange to order as needed, and set to optional or required

Adding feedback questions

How to See It - Reviewing Feedback on Candidate Profiles

With our updated candidate profiles, you can view a candidate’s list of events they attended with your firm and all of the feedback associated with those events. You can also add admin notes for a candidate, see a performance summary, track who has and has not submitted evals, and toggle between viewing feedback by interviewer and by question.

candidate events
candidate feedback overview

Want to test out your new evaluation? Add yourself as an interviewer to the event on a test time block with a test candidate and send yourself the Final Schedule Email. Use the “Leave Feedback” button in the email to see the new interviewer experience.

We hope you are even more excited about this update than we are! If you have any questions about how to customize your evaluation questions, please reach out using the blue in-app chat button in the bottom right of your Flo Recruit account. We’re happy to help!

Related features, coming soon: Export candidate profiles as PDFs, Manually upload custom documents

Ashley De La Garza

Ashley has nearly 6 years of experience as a legal recruiter for Sidley Austin LLP. Today she leads employer and university account management at Flo Recruit

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