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Product Announcements

Employer and School Sync: Auto Registration, Candidate Data, Evals and More

min read

Flo Recruit employers, your accounts are now synced with events hosted by our 70+ law school clients! You can now receive and manage events schools share with you on Flo Recruit. With this added functionality, employers can: 

How it works:  

1. Schools choose which employers to sync with 

Confirming shared employers on Flo Recruit

2. Employers respond to event invitation 

An event share request you might see

3. Acceptance status for each employer is updated in the event page for the schools 

Employer and school sync

4. School event populates under the “Events” page for the employer 

Synced events come to the Events page

5. Employer confirms interviewer emails and updates email settings 

How to confirm interviewer emails on Flo Recruit



Plus, a big perk for Flo Recruit law school clients is that Recruiters can now help you monitor and manage the event with the dashboard, ensuring interviewers are present and on time! 

Francesca Denegri

Francesca developed entry-level recruiting experience at a large consulting firm. Today she is able to support Flo Recruit by applying her technical background as an IT Management major and recruiting insights to support customers.

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