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Product Announcements

Announcing Our Greenhouse Integration

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We’re excited to announce our integration with Greenhouse to help recruiting teams save time by automatically transferring candidate data directly into the Greenhouse ATS! Our new integration streamlines the transfer of candidate data collected through Flo Recruit. 

Leverage Data Gathered at In-Person Events At Every Step Of The Recruiting Process

Forget about manually entering data from Flo Recruit into Greenhouse ever again. With our new integration, recruiters can easily transfer candidate information, like name, email, resume, answers to qualifying questions, and (most importantly) feedback gathered by employees at company events, directly into Greenhouse. The data gathered at in-person recruiting events can be critical to choosing the right candidates as they move through the recruiting process, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to access it whenever needed, in either of our systems.

With this integration, key feedback gathered by employees follows the candidate’s profile through your recruiting pipeline so a recruiter can draw on insights to make more informed decisions when choosing who to move forward. Take two candidates who are identical on paper: one of them impressed several employees at an event by demonstrating extensive industry knowledge and genuine eagerness to work at the company. The other candidate came across as unexcited and uninterested in the company. With Flo Recruit,  recruiters will now be privy to these insights at critical junctures in the recruiting process when deciding between two candidates who may seem to be identical on paper. 

We’ve found that companies that use Flo Recruit often triple the amount of feedback reported by employees after in-person recruiting events. This makes the combination of Flo and Greenhouse all the more powerful as candidates advance in the recruiting process. 

How To Use The Greenhouse Integration

All it takes to set up the integration is a few easy-to follow steps. The “Site Admin” level user for Greenhouse in your organization can follow the steps outlined HERE to integrate Flo and Greenhouse and begin the seamless flow of data between the two.

Juan Alvarez

Juan serves as Flo Recruit's Sales & Marketing Intern. He attends the University of Texas at Austin where he studies Finance and Plan II Honors.

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