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Recruiting Wisdom

Finally, a Modern Platform for Legal Hiring - Flo Recruit Applicant Tracking

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It's time the legal industry had the modern recruiting system you deserve— an easy-to-use applicant tracking system (ATS) that's built for the nuances of legal recruiting. Our team has been hard at work for nearly a year building Flo Recruit Applicant Tracking. We've incorporated feedback from our clients at every step of the way, and were excited to unveil it to the world.

Flo Recruit was honored to host a webinar introducing Flo Recruit Applicant Tracking
Click here to view the recording

Why We Built It 

At Flo Recruit, we focus relentlessly on listening to the needs of our clients. We believe that when we listen to our clients’ problems, we imagine better solutions together. One theme we’ve heard consistently over the past two years is that the current applicant tracking systems available for the legal industry are not meeting our clients’ needs. They’re outdated, difficult to use, and miss the mark on key workflows critical to legal recruiting. Our recruiting teams tell us that while these might seem like small things, they lead to big, compounding consequences, like slower time to hire, candidates falling through the cracks, unprofessional candidate experiences, and lack of visibility into their own hiring data and progress. 

“Rather than trying to fit a square into a round hole, we scrapped what we already knew about current ATS systems in this industry. We built an entirely new ATS around what we saw was lacking in the legal industry’s current recruitment platforms rather than building upon what was already there.”

- Katherine Allen (Co-Founder & CEO) 

Why Our Customers Asked Us to Build It 

Our customers have grown to trust and rely upon the client-focused experience that we have always provided at Flo Recruit. So, when the industry realized that their systems were no longer meeting their needs, they turned to Flo Recruit to build a new way together. Clients shared with us many reasons why they were frustrated with their current systems. 

Several of the reasons we heard were a lack of visibility within system data, slow and outdated manual processes, and loss of top talent to firms who move faster. Teams’ outdated and difficult to use systems result in inconsistent data, lack of trust in their system generated reports, and slower movement of candidates through the process. Ultimately, our clients told us they feared their firm would lose top talent to firms who have transitioned away from slow and clunky recruitment processes – and their fears are 100% founded in reality. To combat these issues, we developed features like digital attorney evaluations on candidates, early access to law school provided candidate data through an instant data sync for OCI, Mansfield Rule compliant diversity tracking, and many other key features to enable Flo Recruit partners to recruit the best, faster.

Why a Legal Specific ATS Is Important 

Through economic ups and downs, one thing remains - the market for the best candidates is always competitive. Flo Recruit helps our clients move faster through the recruitment process to get to “Yes” before the competitors. 

While the “Yes” from the right candidates is always the ultimate goal, it’s equally important to track applicants over time, build a reliable pool of interested candidates for future recruiting, and ensure recruitment and diversity goals are met. We hear all the time from our customers, “Remember that person we interviewed last year? They would be perfect for this role.” With our robust ATS, it’s easy and fast to find that person because they’re not lost in an inbox or confused amidst duplicate candidate profiles. Having a historic database saves the firm time and money. 

Talent is the lifeline of any firm. A firm’s business model, at the end of the day, is attorney time x billable hour = revenue. Attracting and retaining talent is therefore critical to a firm’s success, so the speed and caliber of the hiring process has a tremendous impact on the bottom line. Firms make hiring decisions more quickly when interviewers are able to view all candidate info in one place, leave feedback directly on candidates, and recruiters are able to rely on that process to make decisions. Without a competent system to manage this, processes become bloated, biased and vulnerable to more professional, faster competitors.

How We Are Different 

At Flo Recruit, we pride ourselves on uncovering the needs of our customers and implementing solutions in powerful, elegant ways. We are constantly looking for impactful problems that we can solve, identifying the deepest issues holding our clients back from hiring at the highest level. In line with our relentless focus on our clients, we respond to customer support chats within 30 seconds or less. When you work with Flo Recruit, you’ll have a new partner, not just another vendor to manage. 

View the Flo Recruit Applicant Tracking Webinar here.

Carla Jean Bay

Carla Jean Bay is a Business Development Representative at Flo Recruit with a sales and marketing background cultivated through tech start-ups in Austin.

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