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Recruiting Wisdom

Using Robots to Make your Process more Human (and Productive)

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Recruitment is a human endeavor. That will never change. Building relationships with candidates, interviewing them and getting a feel for who they are will always be the most important aspect of Talent Acquisition. Landing on the right person for the job and closing that deal is up to the recruiter. That’s why as far as bots go, those artificially intelligent ones are not the answer when it comes to improving valuable metrics like processing time, candidate volume, and completion rates. But, automation does play a role in making humans (recruiters) more productive. Instead of employing bots to pick the best talent or have any role in high-value tasks, they’re better placed to handle low-value, yet time consuming undertakings.

That’s what Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is all about. Recruiters, the experts, set their desired parameters, design a workflow that matches a delightful candidate experience, and let the bots go to town: sourcing, pre-screening, filtering, tracking, and organizing. This approach renders the process more human, especially in high volume environments, where candidates are used to submitting their resume into a mysterious abyss with very little answers or communication from the employer. 

With automation, recruiters are able to make the experience personal at scale, while increasing efficiency.

What should be automated?

list of what should be automated

With humans at the helm, automated workflows can create a fast and simple candidate journey. It can be applied to almost every stage of the recruitment process. From the first click on an ad to the first day on the job, you can use a chatbot to take care of pre-screening, sorting, scheduling and even assessments. 

Candidates being funneled into a computer
Scheduling using Talkpush

Automation saves you time and money (while making your candidates happy)

By implementing an automated workflow, your recruiters can regain a lot of time. We have seen some teams increase recruiter output 4 to 5x within a year of starting an automation transformation initiative.  We’ve seen firsthand how automation can decrease the time-to-hire, for example with McDonald’s Philippines which reduced it by 42% last year, or Transcom a BPO who reduced how much time they spent pre-screening and sourcing by 80%.

How automation saved time for McDonald's and Transcom

Automation in recruitment has become an essential tool to offer a candidate experience, which is fast and digital, an essential quality post COVID-19. Yes, automation helps to fill your hiring quotas, but it also makes the candidate experience consistent with the consumer experience, with instant replies, status updates, reminders and an easy process that doesn’t ask for the same information multiple times or forces them to make a profile on an app they’ll never use again…. Treating candidates like customers is what you need to attract the best.

Satisfaction meter

Investing in automation is your chance to map out a fool-proof recruiting sequence, where every stage is automated, candidates are never in limbo, and your team knows exactly what their next step is across the funnel.

More time, better output = transformation

Talkpush Facebook page

With more time and less expenses you can focus on bringing value in other areas. Maybe you’ve got a few side projects you haven’t been able to flush out. Here are some improvement projects you could take on:

All of these ideas will yield returns on their own and make for a more productive team. A well thought out automated candidate journey can not only make recruiters more productive, it can be a game changer for their candidates.

For more information on recruitment automation visit www.talkpush.com

Ivanha Paz

Content and Events Lead at Talkpush

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