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Recruiting Wisdom

‍Using Technology to Streamline Lateral Attorney Recruitment

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Lateral attorney recruitment involves hiring lawyers with experience working in another law firm or organization. This process is crucial for law firms looking to expand their expertise and increase their client base. However, traditional lateral attorney recruitment methods are often time-consuming and inefficient, leading to missed opportunities and lost candidates. Using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) like Flo Recruit, can improve lateral attorney recruitment, help law firms streamline the process, and find the best candidates for their needs.

According to the survey reports of JobScan, Over 98.8% of Fortune 500 companies use ATS, while 66% of large companies and 35% of small organisations rely on them. Feb 9, 2023

Candidate Pipeline

One of the most critical aspects of lateral attorney recruitment is creating a strong candidate pipeline. A candidate pipeline tracks potential candidates the firm can evaluate and consider for open positions and their status. A robust candidate pipeline can be developed through various methods, including job postings, social media, and virtual or in-person engagements.

Technology can be applied to understand and maintain a robust candidate pipeline using tools to source and screen candidates. By automating this process, recruiters can save time and focus on the most promising candidates. They can also use these tools to keep track of candidate information, such as status, contact information, qualifications, resumes, and other relevant documents, for easy recall and reporting. 

Flo Recruit Pipeline Status Report

Historical Records

Another way technology can improve lateral attorney recruitment is by using historical records to track and analyze the hiring process. Historical records can include information about previous candidates, their qualifications, and why they were or were not hired. This information can help law firms identify patterns and improve their recruitment strategies.

Using an ATS can automate creating and maintaining historical records. ATS can also store and manage candidate information, including resumes, cover letters, and interview notes. This data can be analyzed to identify trends, such as the most successful recruiting channels and interview questions that provide the best insight into a candidate's abilities.

Centralized Feedback

Hiring committees need a way to share feedback about candidates with each other and the hiring manager. Traditionally, this feedback was shared via email or in-person meetings, which can be time-consuming and inefficient. Centralizing feedback can improve the communication process and make it easier for everyone involved in the hiring process to stay informed.

One way to centralize feedback is through collaboration tools, such as Flo Recruit Applicant Tracking. These tools can create a centralized hub for communication, allowing recruiters and hiring managers to discuss candidates and share feedback in real time. This approach can also help reduce the risk of miscommunication and ensure everyone can access the most up-to-date information.

Centralized Candidate Feedback

Virtual and In-Person Interviews

Interviews are a critical part of the lateral attorney recruitment process. However, scheduling in-person interviews can be difficult, especially if the candidate is in a different location. Virtual interviews can save time and make the process more convenient for candidates and recruiters.

Video conferencing tools, such as Zoom, Google Meet, or Flo Recruit Virtual and In-person Interviews, can facilitate virtual interviews. These tools can provide a way to connect with candidates face-to-face without needing in-person meetings. Additionally, they can record interviews for later review, making it easier for recruiters to compare candidates and share feedback with the hiring manager.

Virtual Interviews

Technology can significantly improve lateral attorney recruitment by streamlining the process, creating a strong candidate pipeline, analyzing historical records, centralizing feedback, and facilitating virtual and in-person interviews. Implementing technology in these areas can save time, increase efficiency, and help law firms find the best candidates for their needs. With the legal industry becoming increasingly competitive, firms must adopt technology to stay ahead of the game and attract top talent.

Do you want to streamline your recruitment process, find the best candidates for your needs, and stay ahead of the lateral recruiting game? Click here to schedule time with one of our Solution specialists. 

Brandon Balsley

Brandon Balsley is the Director of Marketing at Flo Recruit. He has worked in various industries throughout his career, including in the CRM, Medical, Legal, and HR spaces, always focused on bringing exceptional digital experiences to the customers he serves.

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