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Product Announcements

Virtual Callbacks with Flo Recruit is Live

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Flo Recruit is so excited to be supporting our law firm clients through callbacks season. With your needs in mind, we designed a new virtual interviews solution to make the uncertainty of this recruiting season manageable— dare we even say stress-free? A few highlights: 

How it works: 


We know that creating and organizing callback interview schedules can be chaotic and overwhelming. 

Did I already make myself the host at this time? Is this the right link? Where is the password for this meeting? Will they be able to keep track of all of these different links? Do we have enough seats?

High volume interviews are no longer an issue! With our virtual callbacks solution, you can create interview schedules, gather candidate information, schedule automated emails, and host unlimited concurrent virtual interviews without having to create any video links! No more spreadsheets or worrying who is host.


When you book attorneys for interviews, they automatically receive an Outlook calendar invitation and an email, alerting the attorneys to block off time for the event. This invitation contains event details, a link to review the respective candidate’s information (i.e. resume or transcript), and the link to join their virtual room on interview day. 

What candidates see when they register with Flo Recruit


Save time scheduling students with our user-friendly, modern registration experience where candidates self-schedule for the interview time block options you offer. During registration, gather candidate information and documents through custom questions like practice group preference and affinity group interest.


Interview Day

The big day is here! Schedule your Final Schedule emails to interviewers and candidates with custom notes and links to resources. Emails will automatically include each participant’s one “Join Virtual Room” link. 

Flo Recruit interview day emails

Video Interface

This one Join link will take them to their personalized interview room where they will be for all interviews for the day. On the side panel of the video interface, attorneys can view candidates information and documents, as well as their own schedule for the day. For candidates, the side panel of the video chat displays their most updated schedule for the day, auto-refreshing to reflect any live schedule changes. 

Flo Video chat interface

Time Knocks:

To ensure that both candidates and attorneys are cognizant of time, the usual, in person “knock knock” is replicated virtually with a “ding ding” and a visual two-minute notification within the interview interface. After the last two minutes, a notification will pop up with a button to join the next call. If they don’t have an interview immediately following, they will be returned to the landing page. 

What a time knock might look like


Now, with our customizable feedback forms, collecting timely feedback from attorneys has never been easier. Since creating accounts and keeping track of them can be a hurdle, attorneys will not need to create a username or password to provide feedback. Instead, their personalized link, which they receive via automated email, will allow them to provide quick feedback (text and scale ratings) for each candidate they interviewed. 

Live Monitoring Dashboard

On the day of callbacks, you don’t need to be in the dark as to how interviews are going, or if they are happening. We have created a live monitoring dashboard where you can see if the interviewer and candidate are in the room, if the interview is overtime, or if someone is waiting for their interview to start. We have even replicated walking into an interview room, if needed, with our “Join as Guest” feature, where you can pop in wherever needed.

Monitor your virtual interviews in live-time

Schedule Changes:

Lastly, we all know that things can change last minute, but this should not be a source of stress. On our platform, you can make live schedule changes! If an interviewer or interviewee needs to be swapped last minute, those schedule changes will be reflected in real time on the side panel of the interview platform and communicated via our automated emails. All you need to do is make the schedule change and we take care of the rest. 

Tech Support:

Attorneys and candidates asking questions about their videos? You don’t have to be tech support anymore! Attorneys and candidates have a support button on the side panel where they can chat with a Flo Recruit team member for help. We have team members ready to help at all times during events—  never a bot.


Data Exports

After the event is done, you can easily export candidate data and feedback so that it can live in your ATS. 

Coming Fall 2020: Design update!

Francesca Denegri

Francesca developed entry-level recruiting experience at a large consulting firm. Today she is able to support Flo Recruit by applying her technical background as an IT Management major and recruiting insights to support customers

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