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Company News

Virtual Events Update and Webinar - You're Invited!

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Today, Flo Recruit released our Virtual Events Product Update! This means that our built-in Event Types now include Webinars and Virtual Chats, complete with the highly-anticipated 1:1 chat scheduling feature.

Better yet, we're celebrating with an open-invite Webinar this Friday! Anyone interested in learning more is welcome to join us for a live demonstration of Flo Recruit's Virtual Events. Our team will answer questions and suggest best practices for leveraging Virtual Events for your virtual summer associate onboarding, training, networking and more.

Check out the Product Update below, and invite your team to register here:

webinar date

Brief background: Flo Recruit is a recruiting events management platform that is leading the charge into Virtual Events, helping our law firms innovate and stay ahead of the curve during COVID-19.

Our highly-anticipated Virtual Chats scheduling feature goes live this week! Here's the rundown.

On April 15 you’ll find two new event types on Flo Recruit's Create Event dashboard: Virtual Chats and Webinar.

New types of events you can create


We know putting together Webinar presentations is a new and involved workload for recruiting teams, so make it efficient by automating emails and tracking all attendee information in Flo Recruit. Summer associate welcomes, about-the-firm presentations, and training sessions just got easier.

Some of our firms have already created Webinars by adding video conferencing links to your regular events (woo!). Now links will be built-in, with a page designed just for virtual. Plus, you have our team’s research and experience hosting Webinars on your side for support.

Virtual Chats

Next, it’s time to get personal with Virtual Chats! Flo Recruit has always been about capturing personal connection points with candidates. In this virtual time of life, we want you to keep your firm’s personal touch in all areas: connecting with student organizations, networking with summer associates, and getting to know incoming fall associates.

With Virtual Chats, you can schedule dozens of 1:1 or small group video "coffee chats" or “office hours” in minutes.Pair attorneys with summer associates or candidates through self-scheduling and automatically emailed video conference links. Efficient, data-driven, and personal.

How the new scheduler feature works

See you Friday! Please reach out with any questions in the meantime.

Hannah Kelly

Hannah developed her events expertise managing music festivals in Austin, Texas, and today she puts it to work in the legal recruiting world as Flo Recruit's Growth Manager.

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