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Customer Case Studies

Vinson & Elkins Opts for Flo Recruit as Virtual Recruiting Solution

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Talent Coordinator Tricia Curry has been on the ground recruiting students to BigLaw firms for over four years, and she didn’t -- and couldn’t -- stop when the world went virtual.

“Looking for better ways to connect with students, while following COVID guidelines spurred us to dive into virtual events.”

The V&E recruiting team pushed past external uncertainty to keep growing relationships, which they knew would ultimately benefit the firm.

“Even if we don’t know what the future holds with COVID and the economy, for Vinson & Elkins it is important to continue to build relationships with students that we already have in our pipeline and with students we want to recruit for the future. Those conversations have to continually happen throughout the year, no matter what.

“It wasn’t a question of stopping. It was, ‘How are we going to fix this?’ No matter what, we’re going to keep moving along -- not slow down.”

Moving along required a pivot to virtual recruiting, practically overnight. Without an established process for hosting virtual events, the team started figuring things out from scratch.

“It was difficult without Flo Recruit. I had to create a large excel to house the information, and I was not able to give attorneys much choice or flexibility.

“Flo Recruit offers the ability to set up multiple timeslots for multiple attorneys, giving everyone more flexibility.”

Beyond juggling remote calendars, creating video conferencing links for every virtual meeting with a candidate became tedious and time consuming for not only Tricia, but also the IT team helping to generate those links.

“I did the first event without Flo Recruit’s automated links, and it was time consuming. We had to create 40 unique URLs in our system to accommodate each individual meeting. I was calling our IT team frequently.”

Now Tricia and her team use Flo Recruit Virtual Chats to schedule and manage Virtual Office Hours with students. Efficiency for both students and attorneys remains their priority.

Students self schedule to meet with attorneys, saving you time and eliminating double-bookings.

“Virtual Chats are a very impactful thing for our team right now, and this feature saves us so much time.

“Recruiting should not be a hassle or a burden for our attorneys. We want to make the process so accessible and fun for them that they want to come back and do it again. Flo Recruit allows us to work around them instead of them having to work around us.”

Moving into the fall, Tricia expects her team to continue to increase their volume of virtual events, in order to stay in touch with students.

“We’ll definitely want to increase the quantity of Virtual Chats, as we do not want to limit attorney and student interactions. For example, a UT law student should not only have the chance to connect with one of our UT alums. The student should have the opportunity to easily meet with 4-5 of our UT alums.”

Hannah Kelly

Hannah Kelly leads Law Firm growth at Flo Recruit. She partners with firms to help them develop their virtual and in-person recruitment strategies.

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