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Product Announcements

We're Launching Virtual Events

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This article was originally published on March 24, 2020.

Today, we’re launching Virtual Events at Flo Recruit. Given the pace of COVID-19 developments, our team has committed to working around the clock, updating our product iteratively so the legal recruiting industry can adapt to Virtual Events sooner rather than later.

While our Flo Recruit customers are already moving with these solutions, I’d like to invite your team to use Flo Recruit’s Virtual Events completely for free until May 30th, 2020 for all your recruiting and summer program events.

In Version 1 of Virtual Events, you can create Virtual Events, add virtual conferencing (Zoom, WebEx, etc.) information to events, collect registration information from candidates, automate communications out to candidates and attorney attendees, and finally, collect feedback from attorneys on candidates they’ve met at Virtual Events.

Helping your firm innovate and adapt in this unprecedented situation will allow us to build the best Virtual Events product faster -- In exchange for your weekly feedback, we can give you Virtual Events free through May 30th and a 20% discount on any Flo Recruit event package should you choose to move forward.

Additionally, we have created two comprehensive guides to walk you through how to set up two common event types:

Video call coffee chat

Virtual Coffee Chats (a.k.a. Virtual Office Hours) - Great for managing 1:1 meetings or small group meetings. This style of event optimizes for personal, authentic connection.

Flo Recruit with video conference software

Virtual Information Session (a.k.a. Webinars) - Great for presenting material to a large group of people. This event optimizes for a high number of attendees and one way communication.

In our second version of Virtual Events, we’ll make scheduling candidates for a series of Virtual Events — like Virtual Coffee Chats — seamless. Our goal is to allow a single recruiter to schedule hundreds of meetings by empowering candidates to self-schedule virtual meetings with available employees or recruiters. As we collect more feedback from your team and others leveraging Virtual Events, we will tailor versions three and four to your arising priorities.

We look forward to having you use Virtual Events!

Katherine Allen

Katherine is passionate about helping companies maintain their recruiting pipeline during the COVID-19 crisis.

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