In-Person and Webinar Event Check-In is Back

Product Update
December 23, 2021

There are three ways to get candidates checked in: Admin Check-In, the Kiosk Check-In feature as well as the QR Code check-in option. All three options are available for you to use and will allow you to pick the method that works best for your specific event. 

💼  Admin Check-In Process

Admin Check-In can easily be used for both in-person and webinar events. To use the Admin Check-In process, log in to your account and go into the Events page. Next, click on the event you want to begin check-in for and click the “Start Check-In” button. If you do not see the Start Check-In button you will need to make sure this feature is enabled for the event. To check this, click Edit Event and select Yes under Check-In Enabled. And make sure to click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the page!

You will see a list of all candidates who previously registered for your event.

Under the Action column, click the Check-In button for the appropriate candidates. As you check candidates in, the counter at the bottom of the page will update in real-time.

In the event that you have a candidate show up to your event who didn’t previously register, you can easily add a candidate on the fly via the Add Candidate button.

Once the candidate has been added and checked in, they will immediately receive an email and text message with a link for them to complete their registration. This makes check-in quick and easy for both you and the candidate, and also gives them the opportunity to answer qualifying questions and upload requested documents without holding up the line at an in-person event.

✔️  Complete Check-In

For the list of remaining candidates who didn’t show up to your event, you can select all and use the Bulk Actions button to Mark Selected Candidates as No Shows. Candidates that are marked as No Show will be removed from the list of candidates on which an Invited Member can leave feedback. Additionally, it will prevent them from receiving a follow-up email.

📋  Kiosk Mode

Kiosk mode enables candidates of in-person events to check themselves in at a computer or a tablet. Similar to Admin Check-In, you will log in to your account and click into the event. Next, click the “Enter Kiosk Mode” button. If the Enter Kiosk Mode button is missing you will need to enable this feature. This can be enabled by clicking Edit Event and selecting Yes under Check-In Enabled. 

Once in Kiosk Mode, candidates will fill in their own information to check themselves in. (Below is the check-in screen Candidates will see during kiosk mode)

After a candidate has filled out their email, name, and phone number, they will immediately receive an email and text message that will allow them to provide any necessary information that you have requested as part of the registration process on their own time to avoid long lines.

📷  QR Code

A QR code is a scannable image that candidates will scan using their mobile device. On most mobile devices, the candidate can scan the QR code with their phone’s camera. Once the code has been scanned, the candidate will be taken to your Day Of Link and from there be taken to the correct registration page. (Note: If you have multiple events that day, they will have to select the correct event that they are attending.)

QR codes are a great way to have a large group of people check-in all at the same time for a faster overall process. You can have the QR codes printed and displayed at your check-in table so candidates can scan as they enter or you could display the QR code in a presentation so all candidates can check-in at the same time after they’ve taken their seats. Similarly, this can be done for a webinar event and displayed on the screen at the beginning of the event.

Thanks for using Flo Recruit! We hope you enjoy using the new updates as much as we loved building them.
— The Flo Recruit Team 🙌

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