Bulk PDF Export is Here

Product Update
April 16, 2021

The newest update to Flo Recruit has arrived! It brings the ability to bulk export candidate profiles, a more user-friendly live dashboard, and other improvements under the hood.

Bulk PDF export

📥  Bulk PDF Export for Candidate Profiles

Bulk export makes collecting all of your candidate data after an event a breeze. Simply navigate over to the Candidates page and select the checkbox for each candidate you want to export. Click the Export Options drop-down button in the top right and you’ll see a brand new option to Export Bulk PDF.

Once you click Export Bulk PDF, you’ll be able to customize exactly which pieces of information about the candidate you want to export, including any of their uploaded documents. When you’re finished, you’ll receive an email with a PDF of your candidate profiles. Evaluation reviews made simple, even at massive scale.

Live Dashboard Small Screen enhancements

🤏  Live Dashboard Small-Screen Enhancements

Can’t get enough of the live dashboard? Well get ready for more… rows! We’ve redesigned the live dashboard to be more compact and show more of your meetings at once. For everyone who has a smaller computer screen, you’ll be able to see twice as many sessions while giving your scroll finger a rest.

Thanks for using Flo Recruit! We hope you enjoy using the new updates as much as we loved building them.
— The Flo Recruit Team 🙌

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