A Refreshed Sidebar and New Emails Join the Mix

Candidate schedules and a handy leave feedback button are now both available in your video chat sidebar during callback interviews. Not only that, say hello to new confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails for your webinar and in-person events.

📣 One Updated Sidebar Coming Right Up

Candidate schedules are integrated right into the video chat sidebar now for virtual chat and callback events! Interviewers can easily find out who else a candidate is meeting with and what interviewers will be in the room. Best of all, the new ‘Leave Feedback” button lets you leave evaluations right after the interview— while the details are still fresh on your mind.

🔔 Did Somebody Say New Emails

Hate being left hanging? Us too. That’s why from the moment candidates sign up for your webinar or in-person events, you’ll be able to keep them in the loop with confirmation, reminder, and follow-up emails. Simply enable them when creating your next event and, of course, you can fully customize the emails to say exactly what you want.

♻️ In Case You Missed our Last Update...

Thanks for using Flo Recruit! We hope you enjoy using the new updates as much as we loved building them.
— The Flo Recruit Team 🙌

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