Upload Custom Documents Per Employer for OCI Events

Custom Documents are by far the biggest update to Flo Recruit for this OCI season. You can now ask students to upload a broader range of employment-related documents like resumes, transcripts, writing samples, and any other document type.

📃 Hold the Phone… Custom Documents are Live!

By default Resume and Transcript will be set for every new Interview Program event, but you can easily add a custom document by hitting the Add Document button in the top right. You’ll be able to select from any type of document you’ve used before or create a new one. Please note that these labels are externally facing, so students and employers will see the document title.

You can choose when the documents will be available for employers to download. Here are your three options:

1. Immediately: As soon as the employer receives their email/link from the recruiter, they can download the document.  

2. At interview start time: The document is locked from the employer until the start time of each student interview.

3. At custom date/time: If you set a document to be released at a certain day and time, then all of those documents will be locked until that time. For example, if you set the transcripts to be released at 9 AM the morning of your interviews, then employers will not be able to download all transcripts until 9 AM that day.

Lastly, you can set documents for all or just some of the employers in your event. For example, you might want all employers to have access to resumes and transcripts, but maybe one employer also requires a writing sample. You can choose Custom Employers and then select that employer from the dropdown list. After you’ve finished setting up your event, the real magic starts.

When students receive their Final Schedule Email, after clicking Join Virtual Room, they’ll get a prompt to upload all of their documents for that event. The prompt is custom for each student and will ask them to only upload the documents they need based on their schedule. Best of all, students can upload a different document per employer, so they can, for instance, customize a  version of their resume to each employer.

For our visual learners, see exactly what it would look like for a student to upload their documents below.

If you still need more info on how all this works, check out our webinar where Courtney explains how custom documents work in more detail or chat us on your customer service chat in your Flo account!

🔧 Scheduled Maintenance for OCI Readiness

Flo Recruit will be undergoing scheduled maintenance on Saturday, July 24th from 12am - 2am CT, in preparation for the large influx of OCI related platform usage in the coming weeks. During this time, the product will be unavailable until maintenance has completed. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to weathering the OCI storm with you all! Keep up with all our status updates here: https://florecruit.statuspage.io/

Thanks for using Flo Recruit! We hope you enjoy using the new updates as much as we loved building them.
— The Flo Recruit Team 🙌

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