Video Calls, Dashboards and More Get an Upgrade

Your Flo Recruit experience is leveling up with our biggest update yet! Get ready for a brand new video call interface, the ability to schedule candidates to multiple timeblocks, new Live Dashboard features, and more.

New Flo Recruit video chat interface

🎉 Say Hello to our New Video Call Interface

We're so excited to show you our new and improved video call interface! The overhaul includes highly requested features like:

If you just can't wait, check out the new look yourself in our test room.

Adding multiple candidates to timeblocks on Flo Recruit

🙋♀️ Schedule Candidates to Multiple Timeblocks

Sometimes the simplest things go the longest way. As you're creating your event, you’ll now be able to easily add candidates to multiple different timeblocks. This is great to use for callbacks and lateral interviews, so you can keep everything in one event flow.

Flo Recruit's export by date range function

📆 Dashboard Export by Date + Infinite Scrolling

Want more Live Dashboard options? You got it. You can now export your dashboard by date range, so you can download exactly what you need, when you need it. And for our data fanatics, we’ve added Infinite Scrolling. Seamlessly scroll through all of your event’s scheduled video rooms without waiting a second.

New Events page design for Flo Recruit

🔌  A Tuned-Up Events Page

We’ve revamped our events page, so you can find your events, past or present, more easily. With our new ‘Ongoing’ status, you’ll be able to see exactly which of your events is currently running. Events are also now only ‘Past’ once the final timeslot has passed.

🗄️ Upgraded Redis Cache Database

To put it simply, Flo Recruit just got faster. A lot faster. With Redis, we’ll be able to fetch even more lines of data per second. You’ll be able to confidently run thousands of concurrent video rooms for your event, all while your coffee is still brewing.

Thanks for using Flo Recruit! We hope you enjoy using the new updates as much as we loved building them.
— The Flo Recruit Team 🙌

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